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  • An overview of the ELITe project approach "Learning in Teaching via e-inquiries" for STEM teachers' competence development [EN

The “Learning in Teaching via e-inquiries” approach for STEM teachers’ professional learning steps on the principle that the teacher teaches in such a way in which he/she was taught. Inquiry-based learning (IBL) has been identified as a powerful innovative teaching approach, providing opportunities to develop the scientific literacy of all learners. In the same time, teachers meet difficulties to implement it in the classroom, due to missing experience in it, as, usually, the teachers’ professional development courses are conducted in a traditional way via lectures. The main assumption of the ELITe project is that the implementation of the IBL methodology in teachers’ competence development courses will provide them with real situation experience and know-how as well as with a reflection from ‘students’ point of view’. Something more – the IBL has a very poor explored potential as an effective teacher training method, which can contribute for effective STEM teachers’ competence development.

  • Outcome indicators for evaluating the impact of of initiatives on STEM teachers competence development [EN]

In this document proposed are indicators (and sub-indicators) for evaluating the impact of initiatives on STEM teachers’ competence development, relevant to the national contexts of Greece (GR), the Netherlands (NL), Bulgaria (BG) and Spain (ES). Identified indicators and sub-indicators are based on EC (2013) framework for teachers’ competence development (1). Output O1 “Policy envisions and requirements for STEM teachers’ competence development: the case of Greece, Netherlands, Bulgaria and Spain” provided the information relating the national contexts in which each sub-indicator is relevant to (explicitly as evident in national policy documents and the curricula for STEM teachers’ training, and implicitly as evident in students STEM curricula).

  • Process indicators for inquiry-based learning skills development [EN

The ELITe project process indicators aim to provide information and context to facilitate interpretation of outcome indicators. They aim to serve as an evaluation tool to indicate whether an IBL skill and competence has been practiced by learners when performing IBL activities.

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