Intellectual output #4

Sample digital scenarios for STEM teachers' competence development via inquiry methodology

IO4 is an interactive resource comprising of sample digital scenarios proposed to be used by teacher training providers in the course of STEM teachers’ professional learning (PL) activities. The sample digital scenarios demonstrate and exemplify how the ELITe’s project “Learning in teaching via e-inquiries” approach has been applied for delivering digital PL activities under the Inquiry-Based learning methodological approach in the national contexts of Greece (GR), the Netherlands (NL), Bulgaria (BG) and Spain (ES). The proposed sample scenarios:

For each national context, presented here below are 3 scenarios on general teaching thematic, 3 scenarios on STEM related issues and 2 scenarios on teachers/parents relating issues. The set of the 8 digital scenarios per national context should be interpreted as practical provisions for STEM teachers’ training providers, aiming to support STEM teachers’ competence development on/for:  

  • Enhancement of knowledge & understanding on learning and teaching (related to teaching and learning content; on methodologies and methods relating to STEM learning and teaching; on contextual aspects of learning and teaching);
  • Development of skills for learning and teaching (learning skills, relating to the promotion of teachers’ learning; teaching skills, relating to the promotion of students; learning; professional skills, relating to teachers’ role as part of educational communities);
  • Coming to value learning & teaching – dispositions and attitudes (relating to teachers’ own learning, to the promotion of students’ learning and to teachers’ roles as part of educational communities).

The sample digital scenarios will be verified in the course of the ELITe’s project professional learning activities in GR, NL, BG and ES, by the use of outcome indicators and sub-indicators for evaluating the impact of initiatives on STEM teachers’ competence development (documented in IO2 and outlined in the attached document).

For more information on: how we developed the “Learning in Teaching via e-inquires” approach; how we applied it for building the digital scenarios; as well as for an overview of the digital scenarios in each country, read

  IO4: Sample digital scenarios for STEM teachers’ competence development via inquiry methodology

Access to the sample digital scenarios for STEM teachers’ competence development

The scenarios are structured in the DojoIBL cloud system (, developed under the weSPOT project.  The system helps facilitators and learners to carry out collaborative learning processes like e.g. inquiry-based learning or problem-based learning. It provides a very simple, but powerful interface. Teachers/facilitators can create (or reuse) inquiry structures, and arrange multiple groups of students working on them. The students/learners can collaborate, and make use of the different functionalities to keep track the group progress and the overview of the project. The user interface is translated in the languages of the four ELITe countries. In addition, each country can integrate the DojoIBL content in other e-learning systems, specific for the institution, implementing the teachers’ competence development scenario, and with variety of ICT tools, appropriate for specific activity and / or skill development.  A practical guide to DojoIBL cloud system can be accessed here.

Digital Scenarios

The digital scenarios and informative documents for Greece (GR), the Netherlands (NL), Bulgaria (BG) and Spain (ES) can be accessed here below:

Greek Scenarios, Dutch Scenarios,
Bulgarian Scenarios, Spanish Scenarios

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