This document aims to enhance understandings on the state-of-affairs in terms of STEM teachers’ competence development in Greece, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Spain. Presented are the processes and outcomes of the exploration of the national contexts, under the scope of identifying the space of intervention for supporting STEM teachers’ professional learning for competence development. The national contexts are explored via documentary analysis of policy documents, STEM teachers training curricula and students’ STEM curricula in each country. The analysis allows to provide insights on the dimensions and aspects of competences (knowledge & understanding, skills, dispositions and attitudes) that are explicitly and implicitly evident at policy, policy mediation and teaching practice levels in each country. As an outcome of the exploration of the national contexts, prominent issues for consideration in each country are identified and presented. Complementing the analysis of four national contexts from the perspective of parents, the document “Teacher competences for parental engagement in STEM secondary schools” is presented - providing ground for discussion and reflection among STEM education stakeholders on how to improve teacher training and competence development.

Find here the reports for each national context and the European Parents' Association (EPA) position document on the reports: 

Greek policy context analysis 

Dutch policy context analysis 

Bulgarian policy context analysis 

Spanish policy context analysis

Position of EPA on national policy context analysis

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